Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

Saturday was a busy day for us.  We spent the morning getting ready for the UT game.  Ben's friend Bridger came over and watched the crazy game with us.  Here are some pictures. 

I made potpourri from orange peels and cinnamon-our house smelled so good!

The spread. So much food. Potato salad, wings, chicken salad, little piggies, and chips and queso. Not  to mention Ben's favorite, purple drink. 

I also made a pear pie from organic pears from Washington-yummy!
Later that night we picked up Parker, (Ben's Little) and took him to the Primary Activity at our Ward.  We had a bunch of carnival like games, a chili cook-off and a trunk or treat.  Here's the game we made.

You can kind of see the pig faces that I drew on the balloons.  And the game held up well.  I just have to repaint the  "bird balls" because some of it rubbed off. 

I am the Morton Salt Girl and Ben is wearing a shirt that says I'm a Pepper. Salt n Pepper

Ben and I were not going to make a chili because we were already doing so much, but 3 hours before the event we changed our minds and guess what?  We Won!  I say we because I minced the garlic, Ben did everything else.  (Sorry no picture but it was a Chicken White Bean Chili, I can send recipe if you want it).

We also decorated our car for the trunk or treat.  I'll give Ben all of the credit for this one.


He wanted to incorporate our costumes. So it is the Morton Salt Girl with "guns" running down a bunch of Dr. Pepper cans.  He even added caution tape, and he had a strobe light going.  

Parker had a good time.  He dressed up like a Vampire and got a good load of candy.

For FHE tonight we are going to watch a Halloween Movie!  I tried to get Mr. Boogedy or Bride of Boogedy Man, but I couldn't get digital copies of them. Bummer.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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